3B Laser shower 14x50mW

3B Laser shower 14x50mW
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Omschrijving van de producent:

3B LASER SHOWER for extensive applications Many indications require extensive and concentrated application of laser light. This is problematic with classic point lasers, since the procedure is very time-consuming, if at all possible. The 3B LASER SHOWER was designed specifically for extensive applications. By concurrent operation of 14 laser diodes, it enables treatment of a 35 cm² area. The laser diodes are arranged for optimal therapy effect. Four intense red light diodes serve as guide beams and limit the area of treatment. A special filter glass protects the laser diodes and can be easily cleaned to meet hygienic standards. The 3B LASER SHOWER is a lightweight portable instrument. Easy to operate, it ensures optimum treatment convenience. The aim of treatment is to speed up the natural healing process (pulled, tense muscles). In many cases, it is even possible to re-stimulate impaired healing processes (wound healing disorders). Over and above this, the 3B Laser Shower is used to enhance vitality (sports medicine), to increase well-being, to improve the body’s immune response, and for disease prevention. The principle of gradually increasing the dosage is applicable in all therapies (first session not to exceed 2 minutes). The maximum duration of treatment per patient is 20 minutes. The instrument will then turn off automatically. Guidelines for duration of treatment: Dermatology 1-3 minutes Orthopedics/sports medicine: 2-5 minutes Physiotherapy: 2-5 minutes CE 0366 Laser class: 3B Total diode power: 700 mW (14 x 50 MW) Wave length: 785 nm (infrared) CW (Continuous Wave) and multi-frequency operation